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  • Available Daily From 11A thru 5P

Bayonets & Baguettes!!! Self Guided Tour with Upscale Picnic for Two Guests

Learn why historians believe Princeton was the reason for the Revolutionary season!

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Per Picnic for Two with Map

Channel your inner George Washington and lead your friends and family on this easy to navigate map of 18 essential stops.

You and your troops will see all sorts of locations including Aaron Burr Jr.’s childhood home, where Alexander Hamilton shot that famous cannonball, Princeton’s Tea Party (you read that right, Princeton heard about the Boston moment and put their own spin on it), the monument of a feisty relative of Reese Witherspoon, the nation’s first Capitol, Capital and White House!  All true and that’s just the beginning of the wonderfully entertaining facts you’ll learn!  Midway through the route, a gourmet themed picnic will be ready for you to enjoy in beautiful downtown Princeton.  (Or you can take your picnic to the famous Battlefield and make a full day of touring, frisbee, kite flying and, in general, have a blast in Princeton!)