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  • Available Daily from 4p thru 7p

Lights! Camera! Action! Self Guided Oscar Worthy Hollywood Tour with Warm Theater Popcorn & Fountain Drinks

Yes, we've written our acceptance speech for the pending awards ....

Quick Details


This experience starts with a jumbo tub of real movie theater popcorn and fountain drinks. I mean, who cares what’s next, right?  WE DO!

After you get your buttery, awesome popcorn and beverage, we give you a map so you can direct yourself to the iconic “movie sets” on Princeton University campus and the surrounding town.  Your map has links so you can watch clips of your favorite scenes at the actual location site.  You’ll see the homes and hangouts of Princeton’s greatest performers and directors!  Can you say Oscar worthy or what?

Your easy to navigate map of 12 scene stealer sites also includes little known facts about Princeton University’s famous performers and directors.  More Princeton grads are hired as Baby Writers than any University alum?  The founder of People Magazine lives in Princeton? The term “elevator pitch” was invented by a Princeton grad known for trying to get movies funded?  The concept of breaking the 4th wall was invented in Princeton ?  All true and you haven’t even taken the tour yet!

You and your guest can see if you pass our quiz about Princeton’s contribution to the dramatic arts!  (We think the winner of the quiz should pay for your next movie at Princeton Garden Theater!)