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About Us

If you really want to know about us, here’s the uncut version:

Mimi Omiecinski – that’s me – I own Princeton Tour Company and Pi Day Princeton.

My husband, son and I moved here in 2006. It took me about two seconds to realize I had moved to the most adorable town in the world.

It took me another two seconds to figure out I didn’t need a car. I started biking and noticing all the landmarks, the architecture and the people on the sidewalks …

One day, I saw Dr. John Nash walking on the sidewalk so I mentioned my “celebrity sighting” to a merchant. He was quick to let me know Princeton has more Prize Winners than any two square miles on earth. I started google-ing Nobel Prize Winners, Pulitzer Prize Winners, National Medal Award recipients, etc. I started recognizing them in my grocery store, coffee house and library!

It wasn’t until I audited three courses at Princeton University that my infatuation turned to something else. It was a done deal… transplant or not, Wannabe or not, I had fallen in love with this town.

I wanted to create a business that would honor all of Princeton – her history, culture, residents, university and merchants so I knew a touring company made sense.

There were only a few problems: I wasn’t a historian, I didn’t grow up in Princeton, I didn’t go to Princeton University and, of course, never led a tour group!

  • History – I collaborated with Princeton Public Library and various historical groups to verify my content. I don’t present anything as fact unless they told me I could. (Early in the tours there were even spots in the tour where I read verbatim the facts because I was terrified to get it wrong!)
  • Touring – I LOVE touring people around Princeton!  Now, I’ve been at this for 12 years but I started with ZIPPO experience.  Check out our TripAdvisor, Google and Yelp reviews and you’ll see we’ve designed these so that customers love the content, route and price!
  • Being a Princeton Wannabe – Here’s the deal. I’ll always be an outsider in Princeton. It’s OK with me and I hope it’s OK with you. I just want to do my best to sustain Princeton’s gorgeous landscape as well as her academic, economic and cultural diversity.
  • Becoming a Full Service Tour Company – We started as a bike tour business and gradually moved to walking tours, an audio tour, pub crawls, scavenger hunts, ghost tours and corporate events. If someone wants to celebrate Princeton, we’ve probably got something for you.  (If you want to rent a bike, we recommend Kopp’s Cycle Shop on Spring Street.)  Now we have three tour guides who are completely and totally in love with Princeton’s history.

It really is true!  If you’ve read this long you get a vibe for the type of tour you might experience with me.  If you take a tour with Jacqui or Jennifer, get ready to have a the tour of your life!

Jacqui is like taking a tour with your favorite girlfriend – she always keeps it real and all she cares about is making you look even more fabulous! Her tours are guaranteed to make you smarter without you even knowing it …… until you show up at a cocktail party and everyone wants to hear what you have to say! (She’s a top grad from RISDI, super successful marketing executive and on the Board of the Arts Council of Princeton.)

Jennifer is like taking a tour with that college roommate who was always up for a good time and still managed to make A’s. Taking her tour is like that Drunk History show only all her info is completely accurate but told in a comedic style that could make SNL do a sketch about her! (She’s a retired software exec and uses her powerhouse charm to raise serious bank for the non-profits in town.)

 Einstein was born on Pi Day (3.14)!  I KNOW!  When we learned about the crazy coincidence, we decided to collaborate with all the best and brightest to deliver the biggest Pi Day & Einstein birthday party on earth!