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Pi Day Princeton Winners of $314.15 were more astounding than EVER!

   See ALL the fun on our official Facebook Page here.       Eleanor Lee, aged 4 yrs old, of Cranbury, New Jersey won $314.15 by nailing the Einstein signature outfit and stealing the show with her knowledge of Einstein and darling personality!   Read More »

The 2019 Pi Day Celebrations are more irrational than ever!

Einstein was born on March 14th – 3.14 – the numeric equivalent of Pi! Every year the town of Princeton celebrates with an irrational number of events! Pie Eating, Pie Judging, Pie Throwing, Pi Recitation and Pizza Pie Judging Contests! Events with prize money are for contestants 12 yrs and younger! Read More »

A Princeton tiger was President of the US Second Bank?

Yep, his name was Nicholas Biddle AND he graduated as valedictorian when he was only 15 yrs old! WE LOVE THIS STUFF! He was a total smartypants and had deep family connections to folks like Ben Franklin, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton and more …… all that…

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History Comes Alive with Customized J&J Scavenger Hunts

On our scavenger hunt, your Johnson & Johnson employees will visit the location where the famous Credo was written in Princeton!  That’s right, Robert Johnson first penned his company’s famous mission statement in Princeton in 1943, just before opening up the company to public trading! Featured in…

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THIS JUST LEARNED:  Princeton math professor, Charles Fefferman, won the 2017 Wolf Prize in Mathematics! I KNOW! Here’s 5 THINGS YOU WANT TO KNOW ABOUT HIM WHEN YOU BUMP INTO HIM ON THE SIDEWALK: 1).  Fefferman has been a professor at Princeton for 43 years -…

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Introducing Goodnight Princeton!

finalcover-front-only THEY’RE HERE!  OUR CHILDREN’S BOOK CELEBRATING GROWING UP IN THE WORLD’S MOST PERFECT IVY LEAGUE TOWN! $25 PER COPY Please email Thomas to find out how to get your copy today! HERE’S A QUICK DESCRIPTION!  Goodnight Princeton  is a print book created to celebrate everything wonderful…

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Black Squirrel Promotions is OPEN!

Who We Are: Black Squirrel Promotions is owned by Mimi Omiecinski, who everyone knows, has a passion for Princeton!   She has partnered as the official outside sales team for the Princeton University Store so she can now provide you with the highest quality custom promotional apparel and items in Princeton!

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Did you know a Princeton Tiger created Woodstock? TRUE!

joel TRUE! Joel Rosenman of the Great Class of 1963, co-founded Woodstock with his business partner in 1969! He earned a degree in English and was a member of the all male a cappella group, Princeton Footnotes! The next year, Princeton University awarded an honorary degree to…

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Our Picks for the Best Grub & Pubs in Paradise!

Just click on these links to self guide yourself for the best food & drinks in Princeton! (You’ll need to have a gmail account to access the online Google maps!) FOR FOODIES OUR GENIUS GRUB CRAWL   FOR A PARTY VIBE OUR SMARTYPANTS GUIDE TO PUBS &…

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Why Our Ghost Hunters are the Best in the Biz!

They say the truest freedom is of the mind…a conscious act to embrace the unknown …….That’s what we try to do on our ghost hunts….. embrace the unknown.fear-of-the-unknown Until all of us pass away, none of us can speak with authority as to what happens once we’re…

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