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Archive: Nov 2014

Community Lantern Walk Comes to Princeton

“Festivals of light” in the fall and winter seasons are celebrated in a multitude of cultures: Diwali, Hanukkah, Loi Krathong, St. Lucia’s Day, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and St. Martin’s Day. Each festival has its own rich history, but all honor a simple human hope: light in the face of darkness. St. Martin’s Day (Martinmas), or Laternelaufen, is a tradition preserved in Waldorf schools everywhere with an annual lantern walk. Tied to the legend of St. Martin, a French soldier who gave half his coat to warm a beggar in need, the event includes walking through the streets or woods, lanterns aloft, singing songs about sharing, the season, or the lanterns themselves. Gathering together to carry light and warmth into the darkness is reassuring, and affirms symbolically that light can continue to shine even as the sun wanes. This year, members of the…

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November 7, 2014