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Archive: Jul 2019

Did you know a sculpture in Princeton inspired Phish? TRUE!

  We love it when people call us and ask if a rumor in town is true.  We recently received a call asking if a sculpture at the Institute for Advanced Study inspired the band, Phish, to create songs.  We hadn’t really heard that one before so we chipped in our signature WGSWESTI –  “What…

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July 19, 2019

When Tim, Jacqui & Jennifer are touring, I like to deep dive into my favorite Princeton characters ….

I love to deep dive into my favorite Princeton characters  ….. the last few days has been T.S. Eliot whose love (or lack thereof) life has always fascinated me. With his first wife, Vivienne, T.S. experienced an unhappy marriage and she suffered from terrible mental illness. He moved to the US and left her in…

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July 10, 2019