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Did you know a sculpture in Princeton inspired Phish? TRUE!


We love it when people call us and ask if a rumor in town is true.  We recently received a call asking if a sculpture at the Institute for Advanced Study inspired the band, Phish, to create songs.  We hadn’t really heard that one before so we chipped in our signature WGSWESTI –  “What Google Search Would Eric Schmidt Type In” – and WAHLLA!  TURNS OUT THIS AWESOME PIECE WHICH WAS ONCE EXHIBITED AT MOMO DID INSPIRE THE POPULAR BAND!

Called the Rhombus, Trey Anastasio, lead vocalist and guitar player of Phish, has sometimes described it as being in Gamehenge, and other times as being a route to get there. It’s actually large black-painted metal structure titled “New Piece”, created by Tony Smith in 1966. Signature Trey misled fans for years as to its location but it actually sits in relatively secluded area near the Institute for Advanced Studies where Trey’s dad (and Albert Einstein, among others) worked. Trey, Tom Marshall, Dave Abrahms, and Aaron Wolfe – all Phish lyricists – gathered there during their pre-college days which inspired “Divided Sky” (Super fans swear they’ve been told the song was crafted around sounds beaten from it.)

Please ask us ANYTHING you hear about Princeton or, even better, anything you know about Princeton.  WE LOVE LEARNING NEW THINGS ABOUT PRINCETON!



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