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Alexander Hamilton in Princeton ….. not such a perfect guy! :)

Rumor has it, Hamilton really did throw away his shot, and he threw it straight into Nassau Hall!!

Ever since Sir George Otto Trevelyan published “The American Revolution” in 1905, word on the street has been that Alexander Hamilton shot a famous cannonball into Nassau Hall.  In the story, Sir George Otto Trevelyan tells of a young Alexander Hamilton, who “with the irreverence of a student fresh from a rival place of education, planted his guns on the sacred grass of the academical campus, and fired a six-pound shot which is said to have passed through the head of King George the Second’s portrait.” 

a sign in front of a brick building


On the south side of Old Nassau you can still see the mark of the explosive revolutionary spirit.  If you’d like to walk in the footsteps of Aaron Burr, Jr. check out our Historical Society’s online self guided tour !