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Black Squirrel Promotions is OPEN!

Who We Are:

Black Squirrel Promotions is owned by Mimi Omiecinski, who everyone knows, has a passion for Princeton!  

She has partnered as the official outside sales team for the Princeton University Store so she can now provide you with the highest quality custom promotional apparel and items in Princeton!

About Our Products:

As the official partner to Princeton University Store, the biggest brands in the industry trust Black Squirrel Promotions to design, develop and deliver your custom promotional apparel or items:

How To Order:

Just email Black Squirrel Promotions or call at 609-865-0234.

We’re here to offer full service attention to your promotional needs beginning with truly understanding your goals for each promotion, assisting with creative brain storming to create maximum impact for your investment, ordering and delivering on time and within budget. 

Why We’re Different:

The Princeton University Store and Black Squirrel Promotions share a  mission to serve humanity.

The Princeton University Store product suppliers comply with the Fair Labor Standards Act so you are assured your promotion is benefiting more than the recipients of your order.

A percentage of Black Squirrel sales is donated to the local Princeton non-profit, 101: Need-based scholarships for Princeton High School graduates! 

The 101: scholarships are entirely need-based, and are aimed at reducing the gap between the skyrocketing cost of attending college and students’ resources from family savings and financial aid packages.

To inquire about  your promotional order needs, email Black Squirrel Promotions or call at 609-865-0234.

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