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Introducing our Self Guided Walking Tour about Albert Einstein!

Albert Einstein wearing a suit and tie

Be your own tour guide and weave yourself through Einstein’s storybook town!

Our self guided map of 12 essential stops will lead you to Albert Einstein’s homes, monument, favorite hang outs and even his hairdresser’s home!

We’ve priced the map at $3.14 because Einstein was born on March 14th …. the numeric equivalent of Pi!  Count on this darling stroll to be a fun activity during your visit to Princeton!  Portions of the walk include photo competitions with weekly prize winners!

Speaking of prizes, plan to join us the weekend near March 14th to enjoy pi recitation, pie judging, pie eating, pie throwing and an Einstein Look A Like competition for all ages! (No really, you want to join us! The Pi Recitation and Einstein Look A Like winners receive $314.15 for dressing as the best Einstein!)

Check it out here!