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My Insider Visit to Grounds for Sculpture

Go to Grounds for Sculpture – You may have heard about the 35 acre cultural park with amazing views: ….

a colorful umbrella

Did you know there’s an open air outdoor employee shower at Grounds for Sculpture?  TRUE!   


a sign on a dirt path in a garden  

(Here’s a shot of one of the employees taking a quick rinse! I KNOW!)

Did you know J. Seward Johnson (the Founder of the worldclass park) used to work behind this locked door at the Grounds for Sculpture?  TRUE!  

a close up of a cell phone


(This is a shot of the security pad.  I THINK I heard the code was 1234 but you DIDN’T hear it from me!) 

I’m PROOF POSITIVE the secret gardens and passageways at the Grounds for Sculpture will inspire you to break away from you usual routine:

Here I am posing NUDE with some statues!  

a group of people sitting at a park

Okay, so she’s a statue but please tell your friends I got naked at Grounds for Sculpture because I like the rebellious vibe of the story ….

Here I am giving J. Seward Johnson a big ‘ol smooch for giving New Jersey one of the most delightful cultural destinations on the planet.  

a group of people sitting at a table


Okay, so it’s a statue of the visionary sculptor but please tell your friends I got invited to a party with J. Seward Johnson because I like the insider vibe of the story.

Ready to break away from a conventional cultural outing?  Here you go: 16 minute drive from the gates of Nassau Hall!