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History Comes Alive with Customized J&J Scavenger Hunts

On our scavenger hunt, your Johnson & Johnson employees will visit the location where the famous Credo was written in Princeton! 

That’s right, Robert Johnson first penned his company’s famous mission statement in Princeton in 1943, just before opening up the company to public trading!

Featured in Small Meetings Magazine, Mid-Atlantic Magazine and Meeting Planners International, these scavenger hunts lead J&J participants through downtown Princeton and the Princeton University campus.  Throughout the route, your employees learn about the history of Princeton as well as the history of Johnson & Johnson!

Our highly customized packets challenge teams to take part in a variety of activities involving J&J specific photo challenges, video challenges and company specific research tasks:

Where did the inventor of the Band-Aid prefer to dine in Princeton?

What famous J&J product is a freshman prank on campus?

Which Princeton graduate and J&J employee donated a prized collection on campus?

Princeton Tour Company’s Custom Scavenger Hunts are perfectly suited for Johnson & Johnson managers looking for an engaging team building activity, a hands-on tour of Princeton, or just a fun afternoon with your coworkers!After the event, each group receives a unique power point that documents the best photos and memories from the hunt.

$150 for the first two guests then $25pp

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