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Why Our Ghost Hunters are the Best in the Biz!

They say the truest freedom is of the mind…a conscious act to embrace the unknown …….That’s what we try to do on our ghost hunts….. embrace the unknown.fear-of-the-unknown
Until all of us pass away, none of us can speak with authority as to what happens once we’re gone. Experiencing a ghost is a bit like falling in love ….. you don’t believe it until it happens to you but once it happens, well, you can’t stop gushing about it.
The 2015 tour guides have experienced the unknown which is why they can’t stop gushing about it. They are also two of Princeton’s most recognized faces. Shelly is a librarian at Princeton Public Library and Gerry has been hosting at Conte’s Pizza since he was 11 years old.

Shelly has been a librarian for 6 years now. She used to work for the biggest and the best production company that created and shellyandgerryproduced events for Fortune 100 Companies… IBM, BMS, J&J, Proctor, Gamble, Goldman Sachs, FedEx – and yes, the rumors are true, Shelly has eaten ribs with Fred Smith in Memphis!!! She gave all that up when she was working one day and decided she wanted to be with her family while living, working and playing in the greatest town on earth.
Gerry, well, Gerry is old world Princeton royalty. His family owns Conte’s Pizza, in fact, his great grandfather was one of the Italian stone masons that built some of the most gorgeous sections of Princeton University. Gerry graduated top of his class at Westminster Choir College and is a world class pianist and harpist. Gerry has been living, working and playing in Princeton since birth.
As mentioned before, the truest freedom is of the mind…a conscious act to embrace the unknown.
Shelly and Gerry embody that freedom of spirit and, as autodidact ghost hunters, they teach every customer how to free up their minds and see the Princeton you’d never believe exists!

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