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Gift card

See if you can pass our test about Princeton!

Gift cards available in all amounts, which can be redeemed to take any Princeton Tour Company tour!

  • The inventor of Listerine donated the most expensive item in the Princeton University Art Museum?
  • The curve ball was invented at Princeton University?
  • One Princeton athlete became a famous WWII spy?
  • Two Princeton students were never born?
  • A Princeton athlete’s peripheral vision helped on the Senate floor?
  • Skeletons are buried in a Princeton dorm?
  • The Veterans of Future Wars were founded at Princeton?
  • For years, the Princeton community thought the Woody Woo building was funded by the CIA?
  • Rose Kennedy LOVED a restaurant in Princeton?

(All true and that’s not even the good stuff!)

Featured in the NY Times and listed the #1 Attraction in Princeton on Trip Advisor and AAA Magazine!