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  • Black Friday 2024 (Friday November 29th)

Princeton Revolutionary Suds & Soldiers Pub Crawl

This is your bucket list item for prepping for Big Two-Five-Oh Celebrations!

Quick Details



Must be 21yrs and older
Per 21yr + Person

Do you want to be led through real revolutionary sites and pubs by fife and drum?  ME TOO!

Do you want professional tour guides break down the inside story of Princeton’s role in taking down the British?  ME TOO!

Do you want to meet time traveling patriots as they return to PrinceTown to share first hand accounts of what it was like to form our nation.  ME TOO!

Do you want to do all this while wearing a complimentary Tricorn hat?  YOU GET ME!

While visiting various pubs, you’ll also see Aaron Burr Jr.’s childhood home, where Alexander Hamilton shot that famous cannonball, Princeton’s Tea Party (you read that right, Princeton heard about the Boston moment and put their own spin on it), the monument of a feisty relative of Reese Witherspoon, the nation’s first Capitol, Capital and White House! (you read that right too.  Princeton really was the first official Capitol, Capital and White House!)

We find our troops prize their independence so drinks and snacks are not provided on the crawl …. don’t worry, we visit a variety of spots so even our most refined recruits will be happy with the selection of regional libations!  We like to stand out during this event, so a Tricorn hat is included with each purchase!

Are you worried we might be disrupting other diners during the event?  DON’T!    

We use our museum quality wireless audio system during our pub crawls.  Onlookers on the route and inside establishments will not be able to hear even a whisper from your commanding guide.